Requesting Donations For School in Tibet

 Dear Tibetan brothers and sisters,

We, Dechen Shindrup Ling Center of New York City, would like to convey Tashi Delek to you all. His Holiness always reminds us that we are defined by our rich culture, religion, language, and kindness. Therefore, it is our duty to carry on our rich traditions, and preserve our characteristics that define us as Tibetans. With that in mind, we are determined and dedicated to work hard, and promote Tibetan culture and tradition to the city of the New York and to the Tibetans living in the area. Every year, the center will provide prayer sessions and Buddhist teachings to all Tibetans and non-Tibetans who are interested in learning Tibetan culture and religion. We will dedicate our prayer to our brothers and sisters inside Tibet. At the same time, our center is dedicated in helping Tibetans inside Tibet with their education and lives as much as we can. Due to the Yushu Earthquake in 2010, there is large number of children who became orphans and many others who lost their homes. Some children lost both their parents, while others lost one of their parents. These orphans and old-aged people are facing tremendous problems due to lack of supportive from local government, and hard conditions. These people need our help and support in whatever ways we can help them.

As Tibetan brothers and sisters, we believe it would be a great opportunity for us to show our support to them in times like this. We encourage everyone to support for the cause. Our center will support seven orphans with their education from primary to the 12th grade, and we are trying to build a school in the worst hit area. There are at least 75 orphans who are in need of support, especially for schooling. Therefore, we hope to built a school that can accommodate those orphans and teach them Tibetan, Chinese, English, Math, social science, and art etc. Many parents faced financial troubles due to number of children they have, and it is hard for them to send their children to school. In addition to that, there are many poor and old age people that need our support so that they can live a normal life before they pass away. As of now, most of the teachers are volunteering and quality of education is not very good. Therefore, we hope to hire few qualified teachers who can provide good education for the children. Receiving good education not only benefits society, it can also become an agent of good moral behavior of these children. Education is the key to future of our society, and there is no better way to contribute our society than helping to provide education for young people. Education can be a powerful tool that can brighten ones life, and show goodness of people in the world. Thus, we can be the change to those young children in Tibet by providing support for their education. Remember that helping others is a great way to practice Buddhism.

Each of us cares deeply about Tibet, and future of our motherland. Therefore, it is our time to rise and step up to show our support and care for Tibet and Tibetan people inside Tibet. I know there are lot of ways we can support cause of Tibet, and help Tibetans, but providing education is one of the most important ways of helping Tibetans and at large for the cause of Tibet. Therefore, we urge each and every one of you to support education for young Tibetans inside Tibet, as they are the future of Tibetan society inside Tibet. Therefore, education is absolutely necessary for them more than ever for Tibetan cause and for Tibetan people.



















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