Building a much needed and first ever school in village, Nangchen, Tibet

"It is a greater work to educate a child, in the true and larger sense of the word, than to rule a state"

William Ellery Channing


Every child deserves a proper education, and children are the future seeds of our civilization. Therefore, it is our responsibility to provide education for children around the world if we want them to succeed in the future. Today in America, public schools offer not only free education, but also free books and food while in Tibet, children do not have access to education. There are no public schools that provide education for children. The Chinese government spends most of their money on security rather than education in Tibet. Lack of money for education and school system in Tibet reflects high illiteracy rate among young people inside Tibet today. Poverty is widespread in rural areas in Tibet, and it seems that it is even getting worse as more children are growing illiterate. Therefore, to end poverty in rural areas, we must eradicate the root cause of the disease, which is illiteracy. Establishing schools in rural Tibetan areas can definitely improve living standards of the people in the near future. Our goal is to build classrooms for local children and hire some teachers so that they can educate more children.

 Our first project is to build a school in Dongber Village, where we were raised and grew up. There are around 200 families in this area, and there is no school for the children as of today, and no plans to build a school anytime soon by the local government. Some monks are teaching Tibetan to many children in their homes when they are not busy, however most of the children do not have access to any sort of learning. Parents want to send their children to school and learning, yet they do not have the necessary tools for proper learning. They do not have money to buy books, pencil, and paper for their child, and of course they have no way of paying for teachers to teach. Therefore, our goal is to build a local school, which has basic facilities like desk, chairs, and a blackboard, and buy textbooks, pencil, and paper for the children. To carry out this crucial work, we need your help. Every dollar we receive will goes to the project of building a classroom for the most needed children. We are committed in providing basic education for the rural Tibetan children, and your help can make a huge difference in their lives. Please support us anyway you can, and together we can change their lives for good.

These houses were used to be for public gathering places to hold meetings and prayer sessions, and at the same time, some monks teach Tibetan lessons to some children whenever possible. This changed dramatically as more and more children were showing up for the lessons, and at the end of 2010, the meeting hall was too small to hold every child for the lesson. Thus, local monks started teaching lessons even outdoor during summer and spring seasons. Everything changed when the earthquake hit in the region, most of the buildings were destroyed and many lives were lost, especially lives of children. This earthquake that killed so many innocent people, and destroyed homes is widely known as Yushu Earthquake 2010. This earthquake brought immense trouble to the community as a whole and even today some people are still recovering from the disaster. 

It is crucial to build classrooms for these local children as they no longer have the meeting hall for the classrooms, and ever since, many of the classes are taken place outside. Therefore, we are determined to build classrooms so that students don’t have to sit outside and learn. We already have a proposed design for the school and building classrooms require lot of planning, manpower and capital especially in rural areas like Dongber due to its distance from towns to transport materials. Luckily we have manpower to build the classroom, as almost every man in each family is willing to help. We are in process of estimating the full cost of building classrooms and roughly speaking it will cost around 330, 000 renminbi, not including desks and chairs for the classrooms. In terms of dollar, building classroom costs only $ 51,968 and I think it is great that such a small amount can build classrooms for the rural Tibetan children who are eager to learn and go to school.

Dear brothers and Sister,

It’s our pleasure to announce that we, Dechen Shindrup Ling Center hosted Buddhist talk/prayer on October 28, 2012 by inviting venerable Abbot Khenpo karten Rinpoche la. Dechen Shindrup Ling Center is a newly established Buddha Amitabha Buddhist center in the city of New York by Tibetans and Buddhist believers to flourish Tibetan religion and tradition at this critical stage. Our broader goal is to achieve world peace and non-violence among nations and religions of this world by following the wishes of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. We are fundamentally same human beings who want happiness and do not want suffering. With that, we hope our Buddhist Center will serve as an agent to resolve conflicts among different traditions, religions, and ethnicity. We hope and pray for a peaceful world that is free from deadly disasters like the earthquake that hit in Yushu, Tibet in 2010. In order to achieve our common goal, we need to work collectively and thus we invited everyone to the Buddhist talk by Abbot Khenpo Karten Rinpoche la, who is actively involved in holding prayers for a better world, and to promote Buddhism in the States as well as Nepal and India. This talk/prayer event is dedicated for our brave Tibetan brothers and sisters who have self-immolated for basic freedom of Tibetans and the victims of Yushu earthquake in 2010.


As requested, we had more than 160 attendants to the event, and we believe it was a success. We are grateful for everyone who came to the talk and I hope everyone learned something from it. Please continue to look for more updates and news from us about our future events and information. Check out some pictures that we have taken during the event/prayer session.


Tibet Girls School Project: A project by Dechen Shindrup Ling Center


Asang with his partner Nancy Floy and the Board of Directors of the Tibet Girls School for girls ages 14 to 20 was opened in 2008 to help nomadic yak herder families by providing education for young girls and provide more opportunities for the next generation. Teachers provide healthcare information, especially the use of birth control. The students are taught sewing, weaving and other handicrafts, as well as business and computer skills. They learn Chinese, math, social science and Tibetan language. Asang was brought up in a small village in the remote mountainous region of Tibet, where his family and neighbors look after animals and cultivate crops.  Asang left Tibet shortly after death of his sister and her baby. His sister and her baby died because there were no medical services and necessary tools for delivering a baby. Lack of education for young women about pregnancy related issues, and lack of facilities in his village caused number of lives, including his sister and her baby. This incident encouraged Asang to start a educational training for young girls in his hometown. Thus, Asang along with his partner Nancy Floy, and the board of directors of the school started to build a school in honor of his sister and all the other women who lost their children.This school provides health lessons for young girls, and opportunity for education.

The school’s board of directors and the community will be putting all of their effort toward rebuilding homes and lives in Eastern Tibet after the school was destroyed two years ago by the devastating earthquake in Yushu, eastern Tibet.
Tibetan women in this area typically have as many as six to 10 children, yet the region has one of the highest mortality rates for infants and mothers during pregnancy and childbirth. Education is the key to solve these problems. Rebuilding homes and lives are critical at this stage, thus our goal will be to reopen the school and provide girls with these opportunities that are needed more than ever. In just two short years, students at Tibet Girls School were reading and writing and planning careers in business, teaching and medicine, unfortunately that plan didn't work out in Chicago.
Luckily, in August 2012, Asang met three new partners James, Tashi and they and discussed to reopen Tibet Girls School in Yushu. First they opened new Buddhism center called Dechenshindrupling, and through this Buddhist center, they will work on the school project. Tibet Girl School is a project by Dechenshindrupling, and they are dedicated to provide education for these young boys and girls of these remote regions of Tibet, who would never get such a chance in their lives.


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