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Dechen Shindrupling is a newly established Buddhist Center in New York City. The center's mission is to keep the great Buddhist traditions alive, while working to protect our environment and to prevent wars and disasters around the world. Dechen Shindrupling Buddhist Center works to promote religious harmony, a harmonious society for each living being, and peace for the world at large.

 As most Tibetans are Buddhists since birth, Buddhism is core of our identity and traditions in Tibet. That is why it is our moral duty to promote and keep our religion and traditions alive at this critical stage in our country's history. In the end, Buddhism teaches us to be kind and to help others. Thus, we believe that through our Buddhist Center we can collectively take the steps that are crucial towards helping others and promoting a peaceful society through teachings of the Lord Buddha.

The Benefits of the Practice of the Buddha Amitābha:

The Buddha Amitābha is the Buddha of Infinite Light, and he dwells in the Pure Land known as Sukhāvatī, the "happy realm". The teachings of the Buddha Amitābha, called "Pure Land Scriptures", practiced by beings who wish to achieve peace in this life eventually leads them to the Sukhāvatī Pure Lands where they are able to receive teachings from the Buddha Amitābha directly. The Buddha Amitābha declared, "May all beings who hear my name be delivered to my paradise! By completing my prayer, may they reach there in the very next life"!
There are a number of Amitābha mantras. This one is the main one used in Tibetan traditions is "Oṃ Ami Dewa Hrīḥ".


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